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Registration & Records


Enrollment Verification

Student Verifications are used to verify attendance for Western Wyoming Community College students for the semester they are currently attending, as well as past semesters.

bulletVerifications are used for insurance purposes, loans, and good student insurance rates. Most insurance companies will provide their own verification forms to be submitted to WWCC.

If insurance forms are not provided by the insurance company, please click here to fill out the verification form and submit it online.

Forms provided by your insurance company may be:

bulletFaxed to: 307-382-1636
bulletMailed to: PO Box 428, Rock Springs, WY 82902
bulletSubmitted in person to: the Information Desk on the Rock Springs Campus

Please note that each form is different and different information is requested to fulfill the required verification for each requesting company.

All requests must include:
bullet Student’s name and address
bulletStudent’s ID number or social security number
bulletStudent’s phone number
bulletWho verification goes to (ie: Company Name)
bulletWhat address or fax number the verification goes to

Verifications are processed once a week on Wednesday. There is no charge for verifications.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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