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Shipping and Receiving



             page 0-info      page 1-what is bulk             page 2-check list             page 3-Saturation    page 5-non machineable

The majority of our bulk mail projects fall into this category

Post Cards (Min size 3 ½” H X 5” W  -- Max size 4 1/4” H X 6“ W)

Letters in envelopes – they CAN NOT be bulky (contain pens, staples, magnets, etc)

Brochures & Fliers – they CAN NOT BE STAPLED & must have tabs ½ inch from the open edges.


If the mail piece contains bulky items such as staples, pens, magnets etc you will need to use the

Non-Machineable Bulk Mail instructions to set up your bulk mail project.  Please contact me for more information.


2009 USPS Move Update Compliance requirement requires that RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED  is added to bulk mail pieces that are addressed to specific individuals/addresses.  Place this endorsement under the bulk mail insignia.

If the address is not correct the US post office will send the piece back to us and we are charged first class postage for each piece that is returned.  When the pieces are returned to us it will include the current address for the addressee which is on file with the USPS.  If there is no current address that will be indicated on the mail piece.  Once you have the piece back the address will need to be updated or marked in your database, DEC, etc  so that it is not printed in future projects and  help maintain the savings we received with the bulk mail permit..

This endorsement DOES NOT need to be added on saturation projects or when a simplified address is used

Saturation projects – pieces that are addressed to Postal Patrons, Residential Parton, or Business Patrons.

Simplified address– pieces that are addressed as John Doe (an individual) OR CURRENT RESIDENT.

Sorting and Bundling Instructions

  • *  Sort all of the pieces in numerical order by zip code so that if there is a zip code error it can be caught as we are processing the project instead being sent back to us as postage due because of a zip code error.

*  Pull all mail pieces that are addressed to WWCC addresses out of the bulk mail project

PO Box 518                              PO Box 428                           2500 College Drive              Pieces with both our street

Rock Springs, WY 82902       Rock Springs WY 82902      Rock Springs WY 82901      address and PO Box on it

*  Make sure that all of the pieces are facing the same direction in each bundle

*   Make sure that you double check your piece count and put a sticky note on each bundle with the piece count written on it (DO NOT write on the mail piece)

There are two bundling/set p options - SCF (pieces with 829, 830 & 831 zip codes) and AADC (all of the other pieces)

1 -  SCF -  Wyoming pieces that have zip codes that start with 829, 830, and 831 put these pieces in a separate tray/box  (DO NOT mix them in with the all Wyoming bundle – we get a discounted rate for these zip codes).

  1. ·       If there are more than 25 pieces going to one zip code bundle them together (Rock Springs, Green River, Evanston) if the bundle is over 3 inches thick break it into separate bundles.
  1. ·         If you have more than 15 pieces going to various 829 zip codes put them into one bundle

Same goes for the 830 and the 831 pieces.

  1. ·         If you have less than 15 pieces per each  829, 830 and or 831 zip code put them into one bundle

        NOTE:  The towns of Rock Springs and Evanston have more than one zip code so please put them into separate bundles so that I can make sure that the zip code matches the address that is printed.  

        Rock Springs–Street addresses 82901 - PO Boxes 82902   Evanston–Street addresses 82930 - PO Boxes 82931


 2 - AADC -  all of the other Wyoming zip codes and all other states (UT, CO, MT, etc) put them in the next tray/box

  1. ·         Bundle the pieces together by state and make sure that they are in numerical order by zip code. 

(Example: all the other WY pieces in one bundle, all UT pieces in the next one, all CO pieces in the next group, etc).

        ·         If you have a bunch of states that have less than 10-20 pieces per state put those together in one bundle

                  at the back of the tray/box

 When the project and mailing statement is complete you will be notified by mailroom /shipping personnel that the project can be picked up and brought to the post office.  The project needs to be at the post office before 4 pm.  If you arrive after that you will need to bring the project back on the next business day.

Time Requirements (information from page 0)

Important Notice:  It is required that departments working on bulk mail projects give our staff  at least a two day notice before bringing a project to mailroom or shipping to be processed so that if additional assistance is needed backup coverage can be arranged.   

      Failure to comply could result in a delay in processing your mailing project.

Due to the volume of incoming and outgoing mail and packages, it is not possible to guarantee the processing of bulk mail projects in less than two business days.

             Project with less than 3,000 pieces may take up to two days to complete.

             Projects with 3,000 to 7,000 pieces may take up to 3 days to complete

             Projects with 7,000-20,000 or more pieces may take up to 4 days to complete

If they project is NOT organized correctly (not sorted, counted, piece count doesn't match, etc) it will take longer to process.

If more than one project is received at the same time there will be delays in getting the secondary project(s)  completed.  If this happens you will be notified.  Our staff will do what we can to get them out ASAP.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 307-382-1683




If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:  (307)382-1683

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