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Star Valley Outreach


Employment Opportunities

We Want You!

WWCC – Star Valley is always looking for men and women who are willing to share occupational, artistic, domestic, hobbycraft, cultural, recreational, or academic skills through our programs.

NON-CREDIT INSTRUCTORS: Most of our non-credit instructors do not need to be certified in a specific program; they simply must want to share their gifts, abilities or talents with others. Please contact us at (307) 886-3834 or by e-mail at

CREDIT INSTRUCTORS: Education and/or training experience requirements for WWCC vary by discipline, however a Master's degree is usually a requirement for all academic (transfer) classes taught. Individuals interested in applying for these positions, please follow the application procedures below:

Instructions for Applying to Teach College Credit Courses:
(All Applications must be transmitted electronically.)

1.Click on WWCC Application Form
2. Additional items that must be submitted (electronically) include:
a. Personal Letter of Application
b. Resumé
c. Academic transcripts
d. One letter of recommendation
3. Submit by e-mail to
All applications are reviewed by the Department Chair, Extended Education Director, and, finally, the Vice President for Student Success. At that point, the applicant generally must also make a trip to campus to be interviewed. Each instructor is approved to teach on a course by course basis.


SV Outreach . 247 N. Washington . Box 1237 . Afton, WY 83110 . (307) 886-3834

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