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Star Valley Outreach


High School Opportunities


High School Juniors and Seniors
May Start NOW
Working on Their College Careers!!!

Western Wyoming Community College Outreach and Star Valley High School are working together to provide college credit classes to exceptional High School Juniors and Seniors through our High School Concurrent courses.

Concurrent classes are basically High School courses which are taught at a college level, and since the objectives are the same as those required of on-campus students, you may receive high school and college credit for the class.

There is no cost to the student for these courses, but forms must be completed and submitted by specific dates.

Credits transfer to most institutions. How the credits apply to a degree is determined by the college you choose to attend. For specifics, call that institution.


COSC 1200 - Computer Information Systems - Dahl Simpson
bulletES 2230 - Computer Aided Drafting - Randy Hokanson
bulletES 2240 - Advanced Computer Aided Drafting - Randy Hokanson
bulletSPAN 1010 - First Year Spanish I - Casey Parry
bulletSPAN 1020 - First Year Spanish II - Casey Parry
bulletNRST 1510 - Nurse Assistant - Jeanelle Livingston
bulletNRST 1511 - Nurse Assistant Lab - Jeanelle Livingston
bulletHLTK 1650 - CPR - Jeanelle Livingston
bulletGEOL 1100 - Physical Geology - Mark Nethercott
bulletENGL 1010 - English Composition I - Kelly Fullmer
bulletENGL 1020 - English Composition II - Kelly Fullmer
bulletCMAP 1880 - Internet - Brandy Taylor
bulletCMAP 1890 - WWW Authoring: Dreamweaver - Brandy Taylor
bulletCMAP 1850 - Desktop Publishing - Brandy Taylor
bulletBOTK 1555 - Basic Office Skills - Brandy Taylor
bulletHMDV 1000 - College Studies
bulletWELD 1840 - Groove Welding Plate - Dallas Warren
bulletWELD 1760 - Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Dallas Warren

For more information, please feel free to call the WWCC Outreach office at 886-3834 or Star Valley High School Counselors at 885-4020.


SV Outreach . 247 N. Washington . Box 1237 . Afton, WY 83110 . (307) 886-3834

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