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Star Valley Outreach


Registration Information

Distance Courses:
Registration for Distance Courses begins the first week of April for Fall classes and the first week of November for Spring classes. For specific date information, call 886-3834 or (800) 226-1181.

Local Courses:
PRE-REGISTRATION will be held for degree seeking students during advising only.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION is held at the WWCC Outreach Office - 247 North Washington between Family Dollar and Subway. Check out our Important Dates link for specific information. Tuition must be paid at registration.

MAIL-IN REGISTRATION: For your convenience, we will accept Mail-In registrations. Simply fill out the form in the back of the brochure and mail it to us, along with check or money order payable to WWCC. (Registration Form.pdf) You may send in your registration as soon as you receive the brochure, however mail-ins will be opened in the order in which they were received after the first walk-in students are registered. NOTE: We will notify you only if the class is cancelled or closed.

PHONE-IN REGISTRATION: You may use a credit card to phone in registrations. Call 886-3834 after 10 a.m. on the first day of Official Registration.

CREDIT CARDS: You may use VISA or MasterCard to pay for tuition, textbooks, and some material's fees.


SV Outreach . 247 N. Washington . Box 1237 . Afton, WY 83110 . (307) 886-3834

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