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Support, Disability, & Counseling Center


Karen Flaim
Disability Support Services Specialist
Support, Disability, & Counseling Center
Room 2011
(307) 382-1806

"No otherwise qualified handicapped individual in the United States…shall, solely by reason of….handicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

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The Disability Support Services program is dedicated to promoting full participation of individuals with disabilities in post-secondary education classes.  The program is administered under strict guidelines of confidentiality. 
Students with documented disabilities may qualify for reasonable accommodations. To obtain services, students who believe they qualify should contact the Disability Support Services program in the Support, Disability, & Counseling Center, room 2011. Documentation of the disability will be required as well as a release of information to inform instructors of accommodations. 

The Disability Support Services program provides a variety of educational services to disabled students under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These may include:

bulletConsultation on Individual Accommodations and Available Services - Students with documentation of a disability are entitled to reasonable individual accommodations to help with their success at WWCC.  Disability Support Services program personnel are available to speak with prospective students concerning all phases of programming.

bulletInformation on ADA and Specific Disabilities - General information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and specific disabilities addressed under this Act are available to any interested persons.

bulletAuxiliary Aids - Certain auxiliary aids are available to students depending on their personal needs and accommodations.

bulletAssistance to Instructors - Instructors are strongly encouraged to meet with the staff of the Disability Support Services program to discuss specific students' accommodations. 

bulletCollege Placement Test Accommodations - As directed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, accommodations will be made for documented students to access all testing services.

bulletLearning Strategies - Specific learning strategies to meet the strengths, challenges, and learning styles of documented disabled students are available.

bulletScholarship Information for Special Students - A listing of possible sources for academic financial help is available to documented students.

bulletProfessional Information to Outside Agencies - Every effort will be made for open communication with outside agencies on documented students with a signed release. 

bulletDisabled Students' Support Group - A number of students with documented disabilities have formed and maintained a student-driven support group which meets regularly during the semester. The purpose of the group is to support the success of all students with disabilities and increase awareness on campus of needs. For information on meeting dates, time, and place, please contact the Support, Disability, & Counseling Center/Disability Support Services program office.


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