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Support, Disability, & Counseling Center



Common Issues and Concerns for Students in the First Year of College

1st Semester




                 Feelings of being lost

                 Not understanding boundaries

                 Values crisis from conflicts

                 Fears about dating relationships

                 Wondering how and if I will “fit in”

                 Roommate conflicts

                 Money concerns: do I have enough?

                 Pre-conceptions of college life challenged

                 Feelings of academic inadequacy

                 Fears over first tests and papers

                 Coping with large classes





                 Homesickness continuing

                 Relationship problems

                 Pressure to have sex

                 Too much partying

                 Pressures to use alcohol/drugs

                 Money problems realized

                 Becoming over-extended

                 Feelings of not being successful

                 Gaining weight

                 Questioning whether to drop classes

                 Questioning choice of major

                  Conflicts with instructors

                 Fear over mid-terms

                 Academic disappointment from initial grades rreceived



                 Depression: when will I adjust?


                 Missing being home to prepare for holidays

                 Worries about returning home

                 Religious conflicts

                 Increase in alcohol abuse

                 Weight gain continues

                 Catching winter colds: illness from becoming overtired

                 Money problems

                 Questioning whether to return to school next  semester

                 Pre-registration concerns

                 Worries over finals

                 Worries about grades


2nd Semester




                 Stress of getting back in routine

                 Missing family, home & friends again

                 Missing college friends who didn’t return to campus for spring

                 Valentine depression if not dating

                 Adjusting to new roommate

                 Weight gain

                 Bad weather and “cabin fever”

                 Desire to get involved in campus life

                 Burn-out period between vacations

                 Pressure from home to improve grades

                 Possibly on academic probation

                 Mid-terms and papers create anxiety




                 Depression if no spring break plans

                 Spring fever sets in

                 Facing housing contract for next year

                 Alcohol & drug abuse escalate especially during spring break

                 Gained weight becomes evident

                 Money problems

                 Mid-term panic

                 Last time to drop a class

                 Questioning choice of major




                 Anxiety over missing college friends while away for the summer

                 Concerns about moving home

                 Worries about adjustments with high school friends

                 Trying to decide whether or not to return to school for next year

                 Summer job worries

                 Not wanting to study due to good weather

                 Concerns about grades



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