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Important Policies/Publications that can assist your student

There are a number of ways students gain information and determine what regulations exist. One, contact people in appropriate offices and ask about a particular procedure. Two, they can always look to the college web site to determine if the information exists there Three, they can utilize publications that are given to students that address various policies and procedures. There is no expectation that students will memorize every rule that applies to them; however, they cannot claim “I didn’t know” as a justification for doing some incorrectly. Therefore, it is very important that they understand what is available to them.

College Catalog: The catalog is the student’s contract with us and ours with you and your student. It provides useful information on policies and procedures; academic programs and graduation requirements.

Course Schedules: As soon as the schedule of classes is available each semester it is placed online for reference and use. Students may also access class information through the Mustang Web. The schedule is used to help plan classes each semester and has some policy information that is related to fees and courses.

Polices:  It is hoped that most of these policies will not have to be used by your student; however, it is important that he or she know they are available. Pay particular attention to the Academic (course related) and Non-Academic (service related) grievance policies. Any questions about policy can be referred to the Vice President for Student Success,

Student Handbook: This publication repeats many of the critical policies that impact students. It also provides in calendar format scheduled events for the year.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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