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Your role in helping your student.

Be there for them but don’t do things for them. It is critical that they learn to take charge of their own education.

Guide them, but let them make some of those hard decisions.

Be prepared to see some changes. Students change a lot in the first year of college

It is important that parents/family are there to support incoming students and to provide support throughout their time at Western. It is also very important for you to empower your student to take charge of his or her education. They must “own” it before they connect to the institution and their future. Owning it means they understand the value of their educational experience and willing to commit the time and energy needed to do it right. They must take responsibility for the success or failure of their efforts. Unlike high school, no one is telling them what to do every step of the way. The responsibility falls to the student to understand policies and procedures and to work through problems and issues.

You can and should

bulletListen and support their efforts

bulletBe knowledgeable about some of the institutional resources available to your student

bulletEncourage your student to deal with problem and issues early by talking to instructors or support offices

bulletTalk with them about the freedom that comes with college attendance: the freedom to go to class; the freedom to do assignments on time; the freedom to make decisions to place too much focus on the social aspect of college

bulletHelp your student understand that college is a big adjustment and will take time. Don’t let them give up too early.

bulletContact us when you feel your student has done all they can to resolve issues and is still having problems

Good External Links for Parents of Potential College Students

Web sites:

The Mindset List. This is a great site created by Beloit University every year to so the differences in how the generations perceive things.

Parenting and substance abuse among college students. Great resources on this site.


Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money (The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years - ISBN: 0312263740)

Letting Go A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years - ISBN: 0060521260

When Your Kid Goes to College (A Parents' Survival College - ISBN: 0380798409)

You're on Your Own but I'm Here If You Need Me (Mentoring Your Child During the College Years - ISBN: 0743229126)


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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