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Women's Basketball


Ways you can help your student be successful:

  1. Learn about the resources available to your student. Knowing when and where to send your student when they face a challenge can be a key part of their success (view resources)

  2. Encourage your student to be involved, there are numerous ways your student can be involved on campus: intramurals, clubs, honors, student government, athletics, theater

  3. Provide your student the space to make choices and decisions on their own

  4. Resist the temptation to intervene on your student's behalf, encourage them to take ownership of their education and all of the responsibility that accompanies it

  5. Communicate regularly with your student, if you notice changes in their personality or behavior encourage them to speak someone in the Support Disability Counseling office

  6. Talk with your student about the importance of taking care of themselves, encourage them to get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy (Student Health 101)

  7. Be realistic about academic achievement and the choices your student makes, if your student needs career or academic guidance have them contact the ACE IT Center

  8. College is a time that can have both highs and lows, support your student through difficult times and celebrate with them through the good times


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

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