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Wyoming History


Archaeological Field Schools

Welcome.  In the summer of 2011 students attending Western Wyoming College will have the unique opportunity to be involved in a variety of different field schools or in field experiences that range from working on the Great Plains, to traveling abroad, to working on Fremont Sites in Northwestern Colorado.  Below is some specific information pertaining to each field school.  It should be noted that the enrollment in each course is limited, and enrollment is by instructor permission only from Dr. Dudley Gardner.

For more information about summer Archaeology courses and field work, contact

Rock ArtANTH 1350 Q1
Rock Art:  Colorado
May 23 – May 28, 2011

This course begins in early summer.  The first field session will be in late May.  The course allows students to visit some of the unique petroglyph sites in the region.  We will take a scientific and culturally sensitive view of some of the more remarkable petroglyphs.  Some hikes may be challenging.  There may also be late night hikes.  Be prepared to walk and learn at the first class meeting on Monday,May 23.  Class size is limited.

Colorado Petroglyph Site

Description: 2310 E1
Archaeology Field Methods: Mongolia
June 6 – June 30, 2011
This summer there is an opportunity to work abroad on an archaeological project in Mongolia, continuing archaeology work previously started, and exploring the area. This is a short-term project, and may be handled as a Directed Study.  Instructor Permission is required.Description:












ANTH 2311 Q1
Prehistoric Archaeology Field Methods: Central America
July 5 – July 28, 2011
In July we will venture overseas to Costa Rica.  We will continue field work previously conducted, and explore this fascinating region in the context of its own internal dynamics and the culture, history and politics of Latin America.  Instructor Permission is required.


ANTH 2311 Q1
Prehistoric Archaeology Field Methods:
August 1 – August 13, 2011
There will be two components to this course: 1) Prehistorical in Colorado, and 2) Historical in Evanston; This will be an enjoyable project where most people can learn and work in an historic Chinese community.  Students need to be prepared to work in excavation at a Chinatown dig.  Instructor permission is required.
Description: Evanston










For information on Evanston Chinatown excavation, go to


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dudley Gardner.

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