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Wyoming History


Rock ArtWestern Wyoming Community College
Wyoming History - HIST 1251 F1
Fall 2010

Instructor: A. Dudley Gardner Ph.D.
Contact Information: Office: 1226     Phone: 382-1746    Email:
Credit Hours: 3
 Beyond the Missouri, by Richard Etulain
 The Wyoming Constitution
 The United States Constitution
 Red Desert: A History of a Place

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Prerequisites:  You need to either have a COMPASS reading score of 71 or higher, or an ACT Reading Score of 20 or higher, or HMDV 1000 (C or better) to take this course.

Transferability:  Keep this course outline for future transferability issues with other schools.  Students planning to attend another school should check with that institution concerning transferability, since transferability is up to the discretion of each institution.

Course Description:  This course is a survey of Wyoming history with an emphasis on ideas and the development of institutions, and the role minorities and women played in the development of the state. Instruction will be provided on the provisions and principles of the United States and Wyoming Constitutions. Focus will be on Wyoming history, culture, diversity, government, and Constitution (both U.S. and Wyoming). 

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dudley Gardner.

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