Wyoming History

Test 2 Fall 2007

The Multiple choice are worth one point each for a total of 40 points. When you send in your answers on email put the answers in a straight line on your email such as 1.e 2.e 3e. 4b. 5a. 6e. etc. Send your answers to dgardner@wwcc.wy.edu

1. Union Pacific hired railroad workers from______________possibly as early as 1869, but for sure in 1870, to repair their newly laid railroad track across southern Wyoming.

a. Japan

b. China

c. Korea

d. the Philippines

2 and 3.   Union Pacific began building their railroad line into present Wyoming in (2)_________. The transcontinental railroad through Wyoming was completed in (3)_____________.

a. 1867    b. 1868  c. 1869 d. 1870

4.Wyoming officially became a territory in______________.

a. 1868  b. 1869  c. 1870

5.Wyoming’s first ranches were located __________________.

a. near Fort Laramie

b. near Fort Bridger

c. along the Mormon California Pioneer Trail

d. along the Oregon Trail

e. all the above

6.Which of the following places was not a trading post before it became a military fort?

a. Fort Bridger

b. Fort Laramie

c. Fort F.E. Warren

7.Which of the following was not one of Wyoming’s five original counties? (You may have to check other sources for some of these answers).

a. Uinta

b. Sweetwater

c. Natrona

d. Carbon

e. Albany

8.Chinese workers lived together ___________________________.

a. for mutual support

b. for financial support

c. to combat loneliness

d. all the above


9.Chinese miners in Wyoming worked primarily in_____________mines.            

a. coal   b. gold  c. trona  d. silver

10.Very few Chinese _______  lived in Wyoming in the 1880's.

a. laundrymen    b. store owners   c. children    d. railroad workers

11. Part of understanding western politics and economies is to  clearly understand

a.  the consequence of destroying the environment

b. "boom and bust" cycles.

c.  the consequences of loosing educated citizens to other states (called the "brain drain" by some politicians)..

d. all the above.

12..The now infamous ____ Massacre that took place on September 2, 1885, in Rock Springs and left 28 ____ dead. In addition all of____ town was burned to the ground.

a. Japanese

b. Chinese

c. "China"

d. "Jap"

13.____ miners became the preferred employee for the coal company in Rock Springs from 1874 to 1885.

a. Japanese

b. Welsh

c. Swedish

d. Chinese

14. In 1874, ______miners were used to replace striking workers in Rock Springs.

a. Irishmen

b. Welshmen

c. Swedish

d. Chinese

15. In 1874, ____ took direct control of coal mining in southern Wyoming. (If you can not find this answer the book Forgotten Frontier, which should be in your library, will have this answer).

a. Wyoming Coal Company

 b. Union Pacific Coal Company

c. Central Pacific Coal Company

16. Like Wyoming, in what western state might you expect to find essentially a one party political system?



                    c.North Dakota


17.Which party has dominated  Wyoming politics from 1868 to the present?

a. Democrat

                    b. Libertarian

                    c. Republican

18.Wyoming became a state in___________.





19. The Wyoming Constitution, ratified in 1890, guarantees all but which of the following? (Pick the best answer).

a. equality  b. free public education  c. the right to write in ballots d. free beer for all voters

20.  The Wyoming Constitution, ratified in 1890, guarantees ___________.

a. equality for women  b. low taxes c. a one party system  d. free beer for all voters


The following is worth 80 points total.  Please answer one essay question from the list below. Answer the question in a well thought out essay and to the best of your ability.  (Hint, write a lot i.e. a minimum of 5 paragraphs and since it is open book please write a great deal).

1. Discuss the importance of Chinese immigrants in Wyoming History.

2. Describe and discuss the importance of ranching in Wyoming from about 1868 to 1941.

3. What impact did the Union Pacific Railroad Company have on the nature and development of Wyoming? (Be sure in your answer to discuss when the railroad was built, the importance of coal mining on the railroad industry, etc.).

4. What is the importance of the "extractive" industries (i.e. mining and oil extraction) in Wyoming's history.