Wyoming History

Test 3

Fall 2006

The Multiple choice are worth one points each for a total of 20 points. When you send in your answers on email put the answers in a straight line as follows: 1.a  2.e 3e. 4b.  etc. Send your answers to dgardner@wwcc.cc.wy.us

The final answers must be emailed no later than December 7, 2006.  Your final grades will be posted no later than December 14th. Simply send an email requesting your final grade.

Please  note  the Multiple Choice section is worth 20 points.

1. The Japanese first arrived in Wyoming in ___. (Pick the most accurate.

a. the late 1850's

b. the 1890's

c. the 1920's

d. the 1930's

2. Which Wyoming county had the most Japanese residents in 1900?

a. Crook

b. Park

c. Sublette

d. Sweetwater

3. Which county still had Japanese men working in the coal mines in 1941?

a. Lincoln

b. Laramie

c. Platte

d. Teton

4..The _______________ industry is an example of a Wyoming industry that keeps the state's population concentrated in urban centers.

a. coal

b .trona

c. gas processing

d. all of the above

5.____________ county contains the most easily strippable coal in Wyoming.

a. Sweetwater

b. Carbon

c. Uinta

d. Campbell

6.Manufacturing during World War II changed the West. Which of the following pairs of states did not witness dramatic rises in manufacturing during the war.

a. California Colorado

b. Wyoming Montana

c .Wyoming California

d .Wyoming Texas

7. In the years following World War II, ____________ and ______________ replaced railways and the ____________ benefited.




8. Which best describes Wyoming's social character?

a. optimistic

b. fatalistic

c. more eastern in out look than other western states

d. slow to change

9. Part of the reason Wyoming was slow to take federal aid during the Great Depression grew out of ________________.

a. not knowing who to ask.

b. a fear of government interference.

c. over estimating  the  ability to handle things themselves.

d. b and c

e. all the above

10.The __________ working on the railroad in Rock Springs were fired in 1942 by the Union Pacific Railroad because it was feared they would ____________ the railroad.

a.Italians blow up

b.Germans sabotage

c.Japanese sabotage

11. How many counties was Wyoming divided into in 1869?

a. 6

b. 7

c. 4

d. 5

12. The Union Pacific Railroad was given land _____________ miles wide on either side of the railroad for constructing their tracks westward from Omaha to Promontory Point. This land was granted for every other section, with the even sections remaining part of the United States government holdings.

a. 100

b. 20

c. 60

d. 50

13.The ________________ industry is an example of an urban industry. (Pick the best answer.)

a. cattle ranching

b. coal mining

c. oil

d. forestry

14.The Civilian Conservation Corps benefited Wyoming greatly during the "Great Depression" by __________________.

a. building high schools

b. building post offices

c. improving drainage's

d. building swimming ponds

15.Tensions develop between so called "newcomers" and "old timers" during "boom" times due to several reasons. Which of the following is a major cause of concern?

a. Rising prices for homes and food stuffs

b. Higher wages for "newcomers" than "old timers" receive

c. Stresses on the national level that led to booms

d. Rising crime and vice in the boom town

e. Increased communication with outside communities

f. a and b but not d

g. d and c but not a

h. a, b, and d but not c

16._________________ has helped insure mining and exploration of oil do not scar the land forever.

a. Mine reclamation laws

b. Interstate compacts

c. Windfall profit taxes

d. Severance taxes

17. Which of the following is most important to the Wyoming economy?

a. ranching

b. farming

c. manufacturing

d. mining

18. Wyoming is considered to be politically _____________.

a. liberal

b. conservative

19. In 2004, Wyoming voters would most likely choose vote for a ____________ as a presidential candidate.

a. Democrat

b. Republican

20. During the Great Depression which party only briefly gained power in Wyoming?

a. Democrat

b. Republican




Pick only one of the following  essay questions and answer it to the best of your abilities.  (That means write a whole lot--a whole lot is the important word in this sentence.) The following is worth 80 points.   The final answers must be sent no later than December 7, 2001.

1.) Discuss the Japanese experience in Wyoming.

2.) What is the significance of the Great Depression in Wyoming History?